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Our product development strategy is simple

  • Develop and deliver best-in-class IoT M2M products and services that help our clients get to market faster!

  • Take advantage of our product White-Label options offering the fastest speed to market!


Our 3-step integrated offering assists our clients achieve this goal:

Highly Integrated Products

LTE BitPipe

We’ve taken out the complexity of developing your end IoT solutions by incorporating the key circuit elements into small packages:

  • wireless communication (cellular, other)
  • wide voltage range converter
  • digital and analog inputs and outputs (GPIO)
  • wired communication with USB, UART and I2C
  • autonomous and modem mode support
  • Integrated IP stack, MQTT ready, user programmable



You don’t have to worry about complicated, costly and lengthy certifications. We’ve done it for you!

Our products are certified and comply with industry and regulatory standards as applicable, such as; PTCRB, FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS and more.

Cut months and tens of thousands of dollars off your delivery and project costs.

Development Tools

Dev Kit

We make it easy for you to get up and running fast!

Briowireless products are supported by a suite of hardware and software development tools, to simplify your development efforts.

Rapidly learn about and better your understanding of wireless IoT technology.

Get your prototype IoT solutions up and running in days not weeks!

Evolutive Technology


We protect your mid to long term R&D investments by standardizing the form, fit, function and physical connectivity of our BitPipe Embedded IoT Modems.

Whether you need 2G-3G cellular connectivity or 4G-LTE, the BitPipeTM IoT Modem is the best solution for you. By standardizing the logical-electrical-mechanical parameters, it provides the universal ability to simply select the IoT device from the BitPipe Modem Family that is best for your solution.

Our IoT Gateways can be easily adapted to new wireless communications standards by merely replacing the internal BitPipe Modem that suits your solution requirements.

Design Support

By working together, you can focus on what you do best!

Launching a successful IoT solution is challenging and involves understanding and integrating many complex technologies. We offer you to get us involved from the time your project is simply an idea to launching your product around the world!Design support

We can assist you at any stage in the development of your IoT project, or do full turnkey design so you can focus on commercialization. Services may include:

  • Hardware and software integration support of our BitPipe Embedded Modems and IoT Gateways
  • New Design – Conceptualization & feasibility analysis
  • Hardware, software, systems level architectural detail design
  • PCB layout and mechanical design
  • Prototyping and alpha testing
  • Pre-production manufacturing and beta test
  • Industry and Regulatory Certifications
  • Production test equipment design
  • Manufacturing support

We can also provide cellular data connectivity plans for many mobile network operators, as well as SIM and device management platforms. Contact us for more information.

Terms of Use

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