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BitPipe IoT interface DevKit
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BitPipe™ Cellular DevKit

Simply and quickly add cellular connectivity to your own IoT hardware solutions.

BitPipe™ Cellular DevKit offers an exciting and convenient way to evaluate and integrate BitPipe™ cellular modems to your own IoT M2M solutions. No need to deal with difficult and time consuming regulatory and carrier certifications. Efforts can be focused on your desired end applications, save on development costs and rapidly get to market, or merely learn and gain a better understanding about cellular data connectivity.

Connect your PC directly to the included demo board and using the free BitPipe™ test tool software, simulate sensor inputs, control outputs and communicate data or messages over the cellular carrier network.

Use the breakout board to interface the BitPipe™ cellular modems directly to your baseboard solutions. BitPipe™ modems provide the flexibility of operating in Autonomous mode without the need of an external host processor and can connect directly to sensor inputs and control outputs. In Transparent mode, the BitPipe™ functions as a cellular data modem that can be connected to your own host processor baseboard solution.

BitPipe™ Cellular DevKit is compatible with all interchangeable BitPipe™ cellular modems, thus protecting your immediate or future IoT R&D investments.

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Product Description

  • Certified and carrier approved BitPipe™ cellular modem
  • Digital & Analog GPIO’s
  • Accepts user micro-SIM (3FF)
  • Supports Modem and stand-alone Autonomous modes of operation
  • Embedded IP stack and MQTT ready
  • Supports SSL communication, and SMS messaging
  • Everything you need to learn about, evaluate and develop cellular connectivity solutions in one kit
  • BitPipe™ Cellular Test Tool and API SDK Software available for free download
  • Lower development costs, get solutions to market quickly

BitPipe™ Cellular DevKit includes everything you need:Example BitPipe Cellular DevKit

BitPipe™ Cellular Modem*
Demo Board
Breakout Board
Multi-band Antenna
U.FL to SMA adapter (if applicable)
AC-DC Wall Mount Adapter
USB to Serial Cable
Free BitPipe™ Cellular Test Tool Software

Demo Board with free downloadable BitPipe™ Cellular Test Tool software for PC, provides a quick and easy way to evaluate Bitpipe™ Cellular Modem functionality and features.

Test tool BitPipe Cellular DevKitDemo Board BitPipe Cellular DevKit

Breakout Board includes two 0.1” pitch header connectors for rapid breadboarding and integration of BitPipe™ Modems to your custom IoT M2M applications. Power, serial communications, digital and analog GPIO signals are all available to test your hosted solution.

Breakout Board BitPipe Cellular DevKit

BitPipe™ family of interchangeable devices incorporates everything you need: certified cellular radio, DC-DC converter, digital and analog inputs & outputs, serial communications and software API.

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