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BitPipeTM Shield
BitPipeTM Shield on Arduino

BitPipe™ Shield for Arduino

Add cellular modem connectivity to your Arduino based hardware solutions.

BitPipe™ Shield is designed to provide easy integration of BitPipe™ Modem Family modules onto an Arduino platform.

The BitPipe™ Shield can be used as-is in your integrated solution, or can serve as a stepping-stone in designing your own hardware solution.

Use the BitPipe™ Arduino SDK to command and control the BitPipe™ modem. Library files allow you to easily communicate data or messages using HTTP, TCP/IP, SMS or MQTT over cellular networks.

Ideally suited for hardware and software engineers, integrators, students and hobbyists familiar with Arduino platforms.


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Product Description

  • Drop-in compatibility with Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega/Mega ADK, Zero, Due, Pro/Pro-mini, M0/M0 Pro IDE platforms
  • BitPipe™ Arduino SDK free to download for easy IoT application development
  • Stand-offs and mounting screws are included
  • Power the Arduino directly from the BitPipe™ Shield (user supplied 9Vdc adapter required)
  • BitPipe™ modems are certified and carrier approved
  • Add any interchangeable BitPipe™ Modem directly to Arduino
  • No special tools or software required
  • Lower development costs, get solutions to market quickly

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