BrioSphere is a Cloud base Device Manager with the primary goal to monitor and manage the devices in the field. The Platform enables a bunch of features targeted to simplify the device fleet management. The main features are the ability to view the device status, to configure the fleet in bulk operation, to update the devices and monitor the progress, to locate the devices and to do the remote provisioning.

View your device status

  • General, Mobile & Signal information
  • Audit Trails
  • Device logs & Diagnostics

Add and configure devices for your fleet

  • Easy provisioning
  • Manage different kind of devices in single tool
  • Threshold alert

Update your devices

  • Manage devices update deployment
  • See update progress in real time

Locate your devices

  • Locate devices through cellular towers

Manage your data

  • See the raw data
  • Gather data from external through REST API

Manage your Jasper SIM card

  • APN provisioning
  • Enable/disable SIM card
  • Sens SMS through Jasper

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