BrioSens Gateway

Easy To Deploy, Simple To Use, Flexible Connectivity For Your Sensor Monitoring Applications
BrioSens™ is fuly integrated sensor monitoring and communications gateway incorporating a powerful processor, certified WWAN and WLAN technologies, multiple user configurable analog & digital inputs with available IP65 enclosure designed for tough environments.


    BrioSens™ enables intelligence at the edge with BLink™ a cross language RPC based framework to get access to the hardware easily through sockets with few lines of code.

    Access Data & Management
    Devices From Anywhere

    • Cloud-based device management platform for Over-The-Air network diagnostics and configuration at no extra cost.
    • Remotely monitor and manage your network of devices.
    • Centralized control to edit configurations, update firmware.
    • Set alarm conditions and receive immediate notification.
    • Schedule and automate task such as reboots.
    • Push device data into any third party or IoT applications.
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    IDAnalog Input #Digital Input #Component DescriptionVendorPart #
    1--BrioSens US LTE Fallback 3G with internal antennasBriowirelessBSNS-43G1-US-BIW
    2--12V 1A DC Power SupplyCUI INCSWI10-12-N
    31-Load Cell 5kgPhidgets3133
    4--Module Instrumentation AmplifierBriowirelessBW123B-REV100A
    52-Module Grove Temperature Sensor V1.2SeeedStudio101020015
    63-Module Grove Slide PotentiometerSeeedStudio101020036
    7-1Limit Switch A2 ModuleAfinibotMIC-XWKG
    8--Power Supply 5V 3APhi RoboticsH-PWR-VRG-1

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